SERVICE: Why the “cloud” is a problem; you have no control

Date: May 2, 2011 4:00 AM
Subject: Two week notice: Google Apps accounts will be automatically transitioned

Dear Google Apps administrator,

Google Apps accounts are undergoing an improvement, allowing you to give users access to over 60 additional applications from Google. We encourage you to transition your organization’s accounts on your own schedule now.

   * There are several advantages to transitioning on your own schedule: Make the change on your own timeline

   * Have time to try the new infrastructure with a subset of your accounts first

   * Use automated mailing lists and email templates to pre-notify your users

   * Get access to over 60 additional applications from Google right away

Start the transition today by clicking the “Get started” or “Transition more users” button in your control panel:

We plan to fully transition your organization soon — including all users that you have not yet transitioned yourself. If you have not transitioned by the week of May 16, 2011, we’ll complete the transition for you.

If you have questions about this transition, we encourage you to explore our Help Center documentation for administrators and for end-users.

The Google Apps Team


You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Apps account.

Please don’t reply to this email, as we won’t be able to review your response. You may file a case in your control panel if you need additional help.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

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Suppose now is NOT convenient for me to do all this work or do all this testing!

And, don’t you just love the SPAMMY nature of this email. “Don’t reply” because we don’t care enough to even pretend to listen!

Great marketing message. What genius thought of that?

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FUN: Length of fingers? Really!

Why men’s success with women all depends on their hands
Last updated at 8:42 AM on 20th April 2011

*** begin quote ***

Men whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers are seen as better bets by women, a study found. By contrast those seen as wimpier sorts will have longer index fingers.

*** end quote ***

I’ve heard this before!

“John recovering said, “Dang, and here I figured it was gonna be an easy way to be big hero with all the women folk and I could pick and chose who I shared my favors with.” Marie piped up, “Oh, I don’t think after I’m done with you, there would be much of a ‘favor’ left to impress the ladies. Don’t forget it was you who put me in the FERT-TILE state with all your fancy talking. Sister Euphemia warned us about boys like you.” Everyone was chuckling. June jumped on looking right at Brian, “You know Miss Marie, I’ve often wondered what you saw in this oaf. He may be pick of the litter. But it’s a litter of runts. Too dumb to see what they are being offered.” That got a few more chuckles. Jody finished up the sexual belittlement with “Yes, Ladies, we should throw them all out and advertise for some replacements. Let’s see we’d need a Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, and maybe even a little Bob Hope for comic relief. You know what they say about long noses and big feet.” To which all the men were mentally feeling noses and extending toes.” — CHURCH 10●19●62 (Vol 1) 978-0-557-08387-9 page 133

So check your hands!

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