ADMINISTRIVIA: Give blood on July 1st

Hold the date: 01 July 2011

A blood drive is going to be held in New Brunswick NJ on what would have been Frau Reinke’s 64th birthday. Details will follow.

My niece-out-of-law — not actually any relation according to Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee — Gooferment — what does “it” know — thought that this would be a great way to memorialize her. I agree, and was touched by the thoughtfulness.

In the last year of her life, “the medical system” poured over a 100 pints of blood and 50 pints of platelets into her trying to buy time so they could figure out what was wrong. They ran out of time and ideas. But never blood. It’s only on House or one of the other medical dramas, that the gallant iconic but grumpy doctor single handedly figures out the problem patient in time to dramatically save their lives just before the final commercial. We just ran out of time. It was never “figured out”.

While I was a gallon guy in MC, and gave frequently after that, my modest “bleedings” fall way short of what was given to her by complete strangers. It is a great karmic debt that I feel. This will go part of the way to pay that forward for someone else.

If you can’t get to New Brunswick that day, I’d appreciate a donation where ever you can. If you can’t donate due to age or health, twist someone else’s arm.

It truly was, for Frau Reinke, “the gift of life”.

I was touched by how they always had enough. I’d like to make sure that some else has the same chance.

Fourth of July and the summer means increased need and lower donations, so this is a “perfect date”.

And, she would have been embarrassed by all the fuss about her. IMHO she was, and is, worth it.

Donna Nobis Pacem


p.s., details to follow

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INTERESTING: Limited immunity to people requesting medical assistance for overdoses

Tweak the Law, Save Lives
May 18, 2011 by Highline

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Most of you who read the things I write know that my pet issue is drug prohibition.

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One idea that has been bouncing around in my head for some time is getting involved in the political process to try and advocate for both a law which would encourage minors who have used alcohol irresponsibly and all people who have used dangerous drugs to seek medical attention if needed. A person having an overdose of alcohol or drugs presently could be (and should be) afraid to call for medical assistance, as when the EMT’s arrive, so does the criminal justice system.

*** and ***

I know a good way. Let’s try and turn New Hampshire into the 3rd state in the nation which grants limited criminal immunity to people requesting medical assistance for alcohol and drug overdoses.

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This sounds like a GREAT idea!

We need to switch from drug punishment to treating it like a medical problem.

This is the best idea I’ve heard in a while.

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