ADMINISTRIVIA: Need a new category … …

This week end convinced me that I need a new category for the blog … …

… heard two pieces of well meeting advice over the weekend …

“Widowers should make no significant changes in their life for five years”


“Don’t dispose of anything for a year” (Again?)

Both took my breath away.

I’m violating both. (Almost unthinkingly!)

That seems to ensure being frozen like a stone.

I met one fellow widowee (is that such a word?) who has much bigger problems than I have. That family hasn’t organized to help her. Maybe it’s not obvious that she needs it. Sigh.

All one can do is try to put one foot in front of the other.

This last week, it felt like in the battle of “Reinke Faces Life”, life won and was running up the score.

The only sensible suggestion was that “it’s only been three months and eventually people won’t mention it”. Three months! At the same time it feels like yday and three eons. Like Lot’s wife frozen in salt, I’m awakened from a forty year perfect dream to find the ugly truth. Alone and unhappy.

I’m not sure what to title this new category: <synonym for excrement>, <synonym for the act of procreation>, and other profanities come to mind. Your suggestions are welcome.

Why is every other commercial for a dating site? Alternating with a dieting site?

Why don’t supermarkets have single cuts of meat like one pork chop?

Why doesn’t life come with operating instructions?


# # # # #

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