POLITICAL: Obamacare is a disaster inbound

More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working


Recent data provided by the nation’s largest health insurance companies reveals that a provision of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – is bringing big numbers of the uninsured into the health care insurance system. And they are precisely the uninsured that we want– the young people who tend no

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I suggest my fellow Jasper that she look into all the waivers being granted and to whom they are being issued. And, brush up on Ekkynomcs, when payment is distanced from service, then all sorts of problems arise. We see some problems now and Obamacare will make more and different ones. Rationing will be the least of them. Look at VA care, Indian Care, and Walter Reed for some real life “road tests”. Argh!

And, it really hasn’t even started yet — ten years of taxation for six years of benefits AND stuff doesn’t kick in for years.

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