RANT: Arnold and my apologies to the pigs


My Life in Key West

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011

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One issue I am going to get into is sex. The Arnold Schwartzenneger situation has permeated the media the last few days.

I am 75 years old. I have lived through much of the sexual cultural mores in the United States. I can recall the 1950s when females were reluctant to have sex outside of marriage for fear of pregnancy. Then came the birth control pill in the l960s. The sexual world changed! Many women discovered their sexual drives were comparable to mens’. They could enjoy without fear of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the post pill discovery era, married women were still less prone to have sex outside their marriage. Such has changed over the years. Statistics now show a growing trend in women of all ages who cheat outside marriage.

I am neither being moralistic nor judging. However, one thing has become clear to me over the years. Marital infidelity is a two way street. For every man who pulls his fly down, there is a woman who pulls her panties down!

I have two points. First, lets get off the man’s back. Women are playing big time, also. Second, the brief history I have set forth clearly shows a changing sex culture over the last 60 years. Understand that change and recall it before coming down on the man alone.

Excuse me for being Biblical, but let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone.

I will concede that there still remain those without sin. One stroke of the brush does not paint all persons.

*** end quote ***

Maybe I am cranky because I missed the sexual revolution. And, maybe I am moralistic and judgmental. But I think that Arnold is yet another example of powerful men being pigs. (And that’s really insulting to the pigs.)

Where are the inspirational men of this age?

Where are the Saint Josephs, who pick up their burden and carry it courageously, uncomplaining, with dignity even to death?

Where are the heros?

A powerful man fornicates with a servant. Remember all the outrage when DNA showed that Jefferson fathers a child with his slave. At least, that was considered acceptable conduct in that era.

What lessons are being taught to future generations?

Each week, I read obits for my fellow Jasper alumni. More often than not, they have 40, 50, or 60 year marriages. Those guys are heroic. As any “happily” married man can tell you.

From a morality perspective, the family has throughout time been the model for raising children. Not a village, not a single mother, but a totally committed man and woman. (The jury is still out on a gay couple. But, if our moral objective is a safe and loving home for children who would otherwise be in an orphanage or foster care, then we have to open minded. Besides, as long as some one doesn’t use force of fraud on me, then I should MYOB.)

These men, (or if the women do it), are despicable.

And, we’re going to flounder on the rocks of the sexual libertine movement. We need the population growth that birth control and abortion prevents. How is Japan doing with an aging nation? How are India and China doing without enough young girls to satisfy all the young boys?

Now, I don’t know if it’s God, the Universe, or evolution, but we should mess with what works unless we are “real sure” of the consequences.


Now I know I am not with out “sin”, but I do know that the old Catholic school Brothers and Nuns were right about “that’s for when you’re married”. It was the era of chaste women and gallant men. And, “Catholic girls start much too late”.

Even in my first working days, I heard “don’t dip your pen in company ink”.

Maybe I’m the dino, but I can’t see how these men are anything but pigs. And, again, my apologies to the pigs.

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