POLITICAL: As wrong as Chamberlin was on Czechoslovakia


By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann

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The consequences for Jewish Democrats of Obama’s remarks are profound. They must each now choose, bluntly and without room for equivocation between their support for Obama and their backing for Israel. It is not Israel or the Republican Party that has forced this choice upon them. It is the President himself whose anti-Israel bias has never been more blatantly on display.

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It’s also a time for all men of good will to call this President “on the carpet”.

Have we forgotten the death camps?

Why would we side with anyone AGAINST the only democracy in the region?

Watch the movie “Exodus” and then tell me that we have no moral duty in this.

Our “foreign policy” has been to write verbal checks and then pull the rug out. I remember the ’57 Hungarian Revolution when children fought tanks thinking that “America” would help. Our national disgrace. Better we had said nothing.

Ron Paul is right. Our foreign policy sets us up for future problems.

BHO44 is wrong on this issue. As wrong as Chamberlin was on Czechoslovakia.

Time for “We, The Sheeple” to rebuke this President and reset foreign policy. We have to stand by our word and stop giving it out in the first place.

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