I received a “free” email from my “other” alma mater … … BUT … …

… … I discovered how to break it. Tried to use it. :-)  I basically tried to send email from one alumni id to another. AND it broke. (I've never seen that before.) So I dropped an email to both schools techies. 

Dear Help: In attempting to send an email over to Manhattan College, I received a bounce. In consulting with an old friend, who happens to supervise their datacenter, we think that the problem may be inside your "cloud". Care to advise? After all, email should be able to flow between my two alma maters. I did. ;-)  Just thought you might want to be aware of the problem, FjohnR 

The support guy at FDU is looking into it.

Just doing my "job" as alpha / beta tester aka polish minesweeper without equal! You give me a freebie and I can break it. After all who tries to send email to themselves. :-) 

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