RANT: LAPD issues a $114 ticket to an elderly woman trying to cross a street!


Well the FTL boys have certainly outdid themsleves this time. Just when you thought that they could NOT make Big Gummmint look any worse, an unnamed LAPD dummy hands them a softball. I had to check it out 'cuase I thought to myself "no one could be that dumb' but I was wrong. Father State's copy did give the old gal a ticket for "crossing too slowly". What a fool.


***Begin Quote***

How could an LAPD officer, as reported Monday in the Daily News, issue a $114 ticket to an elderly woman for struggling to cross a busy five-lane boulevard as the "Don't-walk" signal blinked?

***End Quote***

Will everyone now conceed that we were just fooled by the illusions that the cops are: "our friends", "just here to protect and serve us", and "do a dangerous job that needs doing"?


This is akin to the DC shortening the yellow duration on traffic signals when the installed the "red light" cameras. It's not about safety because accidents skyrocketed. It's about revenue which is automatically extracted from the driving public.

In this case, they must have run out of doughnuts at the police station and this fellow was in a bad mood.

Seriously, was this the proper response?

$114 from a poor old lady.

OK here's my suggestion.

Cop suspended without pay until some citizens determine if he should be prosecuted for misconduct or just fired. His boss ditto. His boss ditto. Up the line, until we reach the mayor.

The Mayor and the Governator should be made to cross that street four times every day for a year. For fun, lets give them those glasses that they use to demonstrate elder eyesight, put gravel in one shoe, and hunch them over with a weight around their neck. Then will give them a cane and a plastic sack with two six packs of ensure.

Betcha that light gets fixed before they ever arrive.

And, lest we forget about the "engineers" who deployed such a system. give them the cop treatment.

If the bathroom can be smart enough to turn the water on when I put my hands by the faucet, do you think the traffic lights at the intersection might be samrt enough to know when someone needs extra time? And, since I have sat at night at traffic lights waiting for the dumb light to give me the green when there is no one insight for miles, do you think maybe it should know that it should change?

See the one size fits all solution of Mommy Goverenment and Father State condems us to endure such stupidity!

You can't make this stuff up! If you did, people would say "can't happen here"!

One thought on “RANT: LAPD issues a $114 ticket to an elderly woman trying to cross a street!

  1. totally agree! and we all know that the goverment is capable to make sensors of the lights but the reason why they dont is totally not understandable. but what can you do… but that is what happens when yuo get someone in charge that is more focused on the world around then then problems right in front of there eyes…

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