TECHNOLOGY: ViaVoice could be the answer … if you get it working!

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As I was mentioning strategies to repurpose old content that was long forgotten, it sparked Daniel to ask and offer this nugget: Wouldn’t it be easy to talk into a microphone for an hour or any time frame, then pay someone to transcribe the MP3 into a MS Word .doc…break the transcription into 350-500 word articles and you’d have an instant set of 5-20 articles to put into syndication. Just add title, keywords, a default resource box and submit.

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About two years ago I pinched a nerve in my neck, after a couple of weeks of rest, treatment, and drugs, I was able to return to work. But my right hand for typing was useless; maybe good for five minutes. I got a copy of viavoice and was able to dictate as opposed to keyboard. It's fraught with difficulties but it MIGHT be worth considering. With training, I was able to get 99+% accuracy on dictation (speak directly to software) and transcription (record voice and pipe it into software). It's not for the timid or faint of heart but it can be done. The software will also read to you (i.e., as if you were blind) but it was a weird experience to be read to in your own voice. I did try to get this running for a doc who wanted to write a book and I am struggling with it. So to quote the knight in with the Holy Grail, "Choose wisely!".

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