FUN: There goes “MY” Wiz of Oz win!

*** begin quote ***

In late January, the largest WMS WAP jackpot ever, totaling more than $4.9 million, was won on THE WIZARD OF OZ™ RUBY SLIPPERS™ penny slot game at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, N.J.

*** end quote ***


That should have been mine. Wrong time.

On 1/21/11, I dropped $300 in that machine. (Don’t have a cow, I was winning! Finished the trip up about 700$ after splitting. My life was all good that day. But it could have been infinitely better!)

Why not me?

Argh! Square.

(Maybe Luddite shouldn’t have told me, in my fragile emotional state.)


Time for an appropriate quote from “CHURCH 10●19●62”?

“If she mourned anything, she mourned that. It might be terrible to say. But, she felt as she would imagine the lottery winner who can’t find the ticket to cash.” — character “June” in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 2 Page 189

I guess I don’t feel as bad as that. I never had the tickets. And, Our Girl always said that I was unlucky. She was wrong. I won her in life’s lottery. That was enough luck for one lifetime. Imagine all the folks who never find their soulmate?

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