INTERESTING: Is a comment spam if it is misdirected?


Dear Ms. X:

Please pardon the intrusion.

While I appreciate, “publish”, and cherish all comments on my blog, I do try to ensure that they are not spam, spim, sphishing, or whatever the latest “sp” word is. Your comment was flagged as possible spam. No idea why?

I went to your blog, but since I’m from the USA, (that means I only speak one language) (Well courtesy of the USAF in the Seventies I do “speak” Thai, but I don’t count that since most Thais speak better English than I do), so I could ascertain anything. Other than a cute pix. But, on the net, no one knows you’re a dog.

Any way, your comment references “Leo”; that’s not me. So I wanted to confirm that you intended the comment for me. Once I release it, it’s hard to get it back. There’s no “retract” button on the internet. And, if this email bounces, then I can be even more circumspect.

With respect to your comment, I’m not sure that from a job seekers perspective that you would want an “interactive resume”. IMHO the resume’s only purpose is to provoke a conversation. A resume that give up too much info, too little, or the “wrong” info (i.e., pointing to the wrong image you wish to display) is “bad”. It would seem a business diary could also be a bad thing.

I’m still confused by the difference between a blog and website. I know at they are (I have lots of each) and how they are different. It’s just in the philosophy of their relation. Is a blog nothing more than an easily updated website? Should we view a blog as a freshening agent to drive traffic to the “store”?

Any way thanks for the comment, if you meant to leave it. And, either way, please let me know if it should be “published”?


[NOTE: No response!]

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