JOBSEARCH: LinkedIn — A MySpace for grown-ups


A MySpace for grown-ups
Social networking has been great for the kids, but not of much use to business – until now. With Reid Hoffman’s MySpace-for-grown-ups at a tipping point, these days you’re either LinkedIn or left out.
Business 2.0 Magazine
By Michael V. Copeland, Business 2.0 Magazine senior writer
December 3 2006: 2:38 PM EST

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LinkedIn is a three-year-old service that takes your personal business network online. People don’t use it to discover new bands or track down a date – there’s nothing social about this network.

LinkedIn is all about business: recruiting, sales, investment. It’s not exactly a marketplace or a job site but rather a community of more than 8 million people who rely on one another to get things done.

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IMHO it’s a better resource than Monster, Yahoo Jobs, or any “job” site.

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