RANT: Manage things;Lead people!

In my way of thinking, you manage things (e.g., budgets; computers; networks; projects) but you have to lead people (i.e., people are more like a mules with a mind of its own).

Things lend themselves well to being "managed". There are no hard feelings when you cut a budget. You can be totally analytical and blunt with "things".

People need to be lead. My first exposure to "leadership" was the mythical telephone lineman litho that was "required" in every Bell lobby anywhere. He was joined by the equally mythical board operator running her station as the flood waters rose. They  were inspiring. You were part of something that was huge and that made a difference in people's lives.  I learned that if you motivate someone, in their own mind, they will drive themselves harder than you ever can with a club. By the same token, you can have all the whip and clubs you want over people and you can't make them do squat if they don't want to. That mule is just a metaphor. If you want to have something really screwed up, just order people to do something. In a perverse sense of humor, they will do EXACTLY what you instruct and may the Intelligent Designer help you when they do. 

Just a pet peeve. I want to be "lead" not "managed". 

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