The carpenter with the nail in his brain

Monday  22 – Friday 26 May 2006
Brain Matters
By Katrina Firlik, abridged by Doreen Estall, read by Vicki Simon
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Katrina Firlik, a young American neurosurgeon, is one of the scarce females from a rare species in medicine. She describes her fascination for the brain and its workings and malfunctions, and tells of the chief moments of her long training as a neurosurgeon. Through cases she has encountered: the carpenter with the nail in his brain, the schoolboy who is thrown out of his car and has a blood clot on the brain which grows before her eyes, the child with raging bacterial meningitis, the teenage girl with severe epilepsy, she reveals the astonishing achievements and the limitations of neurosurgery.
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An absolutely "neat" listen.  


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