SPAM seems to be picking up! What to do?

In my unscientific study of email trends, I am taking more spam on my non-hidden short "human being readable" email addresses. Sigh, we know who controls the inet.

The hidden and random sting ones seem to be pretty immune. The hidden ones are never exposed to any one but me; no significant risk there. The random string ones are the ones where the address portion is just a long random string. And they seem immune; guess no spammer wants to chase them.

I have lot's of dedicated email addresses for lots of different purposes and have also “lost” a lot of addresses to spammers.

In the losing, I discovered "alpha spammers". They use alpha progression to eventually “discover” every address.  I wised up to it when some dumb spammer had “reinke, reinkea@, reinkez@ reinkeaa@, …” in the To field. They eventualy discovered every one of my addresses since they all looked like reinke xxxxx @! So, I have adopted the long random strings as the “user” part.  Also since no one invests any time in the “name”, I can change it when needed (i.e., if it starts to be spammed). 

Since 99% of the use of an email address is to be hit by “reply”, no one cares. AND I have many ways for people to get back in touch, like, so it seems to work for me. 

I'm going to have to abandon more of my non-hidden short "human being readable" email addresses. Sigh. I'm probably going to have to look into more of the alternatives.

My web-based email web form at has been very immune to spam. Who knows how long that will last.
Some of the various providers have some interesting features like only accepting email from sources in your address book. I'm going to look into them.

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