Americans today should free “its children” by separating education and state!

***Begin Quote***

What is amazing is that after so many years of government involvement in education, with all its dismal results, so few people ask basic and fundamental questions about the education of their children, such as:

  • Why shouldn’t families have the same sovereign and independent control over the education of their children as they have over religious matters?
  • Given that the free market produces the best of everything and socialism produces the worst of everything, why are people willing to submit their children to a second-rate product in an area as important as education?
  • Why should providing education to people be considered a legitimate function of government?

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It's all about socialism. Centralized state planning has put us in the mess we are in. The skoolz resemble the state's prisions. Money is wasted; sometimes it's lost, stolen, or misappropriated. Results are a joke.

Here in the People's Republik of New Jersey, we have litany of problems. Here's a few of my personal favorites:

  • Schools are "financed" by property taxes. Regardless, if one has any children, everyone is "assessed" to pay for the gummamint reeducation camps. Too bad if you're a senior living in the same house for 70 years and now on a fixed income, time for you to move to a different state. Too bad if you have multiple properties, you're too rich.
  • Schools are run by the gummamint, teaching the gummamint religion (i.e., Conserve Mother Earth like good little druids and honor the all wise State from whom all benefits flow), and dumbing down the population. I particularly like how the brag on their "achievements" (i.e., number of students going to college) but never mention their failures (i.e., GEDs) and figure out ways to "cook the books". Of course, this is all done for MY benefit (i.e., Good schools mean that people will want to move here and buy your house at a big profit. Ignoring the fact that I have to live somewhere!) by "selfless public servants". Silly me!
  • There is a Political – Educrat – Servicing conspiracy at work as a positive feedback loop. Politicians "save the children" with programs. The Board of Education, School Administrators, Teachers, and Unions all campaign for more money. Custodians, Builders, Service Providers all have lucrative contracts. The School Administrators, Teachers, Unions, Custodians, Builders, and Service Providers contribute to the Politicians with money, labor, and "needs". Politicians raise taxed to "save the children" with new programs. And on and on.

So we have to break the cycle. 

I don't pay to feed, clothe, or entertain your children. Why should I pay to "educate" them?

And, if I do have to pay, which I don't think is fair, why do I have to do it with government?

Could it be that you could not "convince" me to pay for it without the force of government to make me.

Remember the hallmark of a bad idea is that you can't convince people to do it voluntarily.

(I think somebody smart said that, but I don't know who. Do you?) 

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