What to do if all the “good” domain names are gone?

An irate inet fellow was grousing about the "good" names are gone and "they" want 100k$s (new dimension of money  — hundreds of kilo dollars) for them. What is one to do?

Being an injineer, trained to solve other people's problems at the drop of a hat, I came up with a question and at least one alternative.

Question: What makes a domain name "good"? Short, memorable. Maybe?

I understand well the game that is being played on us.


BUT having said that you need to be in the “game”.

I have two thoughts.

(1) Go offshore. I took Reinke dot cc because it was my last name and available. The "CC" in dot-cc refers to a tiny island chain in the Indian Ocean. It's the Cocos Islands, a 5.4-square-mile territory of Australia, population 650. Maybe I'll go visit someday? So QWERTY in Western Samoa is available. Just checked. You could be G @ QWERTY dot Web Site. Or there is .nz for New Zealand, .kz for Kazakstan. Mississippippians can go to .ms for Montserrati. Or Marylanders to .md for Moldova. There's lots of TLDs out there.


(2) Go long. Buck the trend. Become G at QWERTY PLUMBING CONTRACTOR dot com which is also available.

I’m not so sure that the common wisdom is correct on short domain names. Yes, if you’re advertising on TV and you want someone to remember your phone number or website then you have to be as memorable as possible. In your case, I don’t think that applies.

Just my thoughts for what it is worth.

Remember you’re reading a fellow who uses <14 character random string> @ ISP dot net.

Will you every remember and type that? No. (Hell NO! but you could in a pinch, if you really really wanted to?)

But it’s very usable because you either reply or fire off a mailto weblink. 

So does dot com or short really matter? 

My answer is no.

Your Mileage May Vary. 

Now let me see if I can beat you to those names and sell ‘em to you for a big profit.  Was that QWERTY or YTREWQ? Dot CC or WS or TV or RADIO.

(You get the idea. Beat'em at their own game.) 

One Response to What to do if all the “good” domain names are gone?

  1. samantha says:

    It’s already gone i recently planned to purchase a domain for forums but when i tried to search for a good name guess what almost all the good and even silly combinations are gone.

    Good domains are either parked or not at all used and i have to settle
    for a website with mixture of characters and numbers :(

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