Are Condi’s actions inconsistent with BC’s values, Catholicism, and Jesuit traditions. (WWJD?)–+Op-ed+columns

Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I quit
By Steve Almond  |  May 12, 2006

An open letter to William P. Leahy, SJ, president of Boston College.

***Begin Quote***

DEAR Father Leahy,

I am writing to resign my post as an adjunct professor of English at Boston College.

I am doing so — after five years at BC, and with tremendous regret — as a direct result of your decision to invite Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be the commencement speaker at this year's graduation.

Many members of the faculty and student body already have voiced their objection to the invitation, arguing that Rice's actions as secretary of state are inconsistent with the broader humanistic values of the university and the Catholic and Jesuit traditions from which those values derive.

But I am not writing this letter simply because of an objection to the war against Iraq. My concern is more fundamental. Simply put, Rice is a liar.

She has lied to the American people knowingly, repeatedly, often extravagantly over the past five years, in an effort to justify a pathologically misguided foreign policy.

***End Quote***

Well, this fellow is a great exemplar of Catholic values (i.e., charity, forgiveness, humility, temperence, honesty).

Now I am not so sure that there might NOT be whole bunches of liars in Washington. Socialist and Statists by the boatload sure! But, "liars"? I think one has to be very circumspect about calling anyone a "liar". Now I have no use for politicians of either ilk in general. Having said that, the last time I thought a politician was a "liar" was when Bill Clinton parsed the word "is". And he gave that testimony himself!

If a politician says X Y or Z, then I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt as far as lying is concerned. Stupidity, incompetence, and immaturity should be self-evident. Truth is not.

As far as memos and papers and emails and conversations, I am willing to bet that "stuff" gets lost. Leadership in business and government has the attention span of a 4 year old. Get them to read a memo and they zone out. When I make a presentation to them, I try and make it only one slide. AND, even that they'll forget. Tell them your opinion and they'll go right out an do the opposite. We are an error prone species.

Liar? That verdict I'll leave to the accused and the Intelligent Designer.

Too many of the accusers have forgotten Jesus and the adulteress tale.

"Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone."

It sure isn't me!

Sorry, Steve. I think you're making a mistake and I hope you unemployment checks may teach you a little about humanity.

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