TECH: Using MEDIAWIKI, the same software that drives WIKOPEDIA to form up a “database”

As an avid "alumni collector" (i.e., I run an ezine for my fellow alums at, I have tried to "collect" their information using a variety of ever changing strategies. Corex Cardscan, Text Files, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Excel, Access just to name a few. Several proprietary databases like yahoo Groups, Listbot, and several I have forgotten. I've been doing this for a bunch of years. Nine to be exact. And, I STILL to this day don't have a good methodology, strategy, tactic-ology, or technology for dealing with it. But, I am now getting close. First rule is I'm not putting data into anything that doesn't give it back EVER AGAIN. So a wiki is perfect. Since it is entirely under my control. I have been working on getting my files into a form that MEDIAWIKI likes. It's pretty restrictive but it looks like HTML is OK. More when I have a break thru, or a break down.

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