GUNZ: Why is the 380 a “girlie gun”?

In a private email, I was asked why I refer to the 380 as a "girlie gun".

From my personal experience, women chose the 380 over a 9mm because of its feel. Having fired both at the range, I can feel a difference in the kick. Having said that, it is generally known around the range, based on the testimony of the old hands, that the 9mm at 20 feet is 40% better. So imho the choice between a .380 or a 9mm is still a no-brainer. Get a 9mm.

So if I was buying a personal defense handgun for a woman that I loved, because the chance existed that it might someday have to save her life, my choice would be a small Tragus 9mm PT111.

But, if she had an abusive male bothering her, I'd violate the law in the People's Republic of New Jersey and loan her one of my 1911s. No matter how deranged a man might be, that gun can be recognized at a distance. And in the hands of an scared or angry woman, one would have to believe in one's luck to threaten her futher. That pt111 does not LOOK that impressive; the 45 is! It would but one of the values of a pistol is the situations it avoids or cuts short.

Besides who wants to be around even if she misses with the 45? And, if she follows my advice — "if threatened, draw. if you draw, don't talk. shoot! if you shoot, empty it!" — then it really dangerous for that fellow to be in the area. 

So that's why the 380 is a "girlie gun".

9 thoughts on “GUNZ: Why is the 380 a “girlie gun”?

  1. 380 girlie gun? stand over there and let me shoot you with mine, bet ya fall like dead man! Shoot what’s comfortable, nothing wrong with big guns just like there’s nothing wrong with small cal. guns either.

  2. the problem with the “bigger” is better “logic” is that it says just that- we all mightas well carry a three shooter using the largest bullet we can find.

    As stated by young gamers everywhere-pfffft! Give anyone a “big” gun they can’t use-and they can’t use it (no aim, no control of recoil, etc). I am not concerned with what the perp thinks, I am concerened with whether the shooter can get the perfect defense-legally after the shooting and whether she can kill the perp that is needing to be shot. Remember, if you draw it, use it.

    What is required is that the shooter CAN USE the gun-not scare the perp with the weapon.

  3. .380 at 10 yards is just as good as a 9mm. As a matter of fact, the 9mm suffers a little because it is too good of a penetrator. A slower moving bullet causes more damage.

  4. i personally own a .380, and i kinda dont appreciate the girlie talk about one. For someone like me, i would most definitely prefer a 9mm, but i dont wanna spend that much money on my gun. I feel that the .380 is much more preferable for someone who doesnt need a gun as much, and its small size is very convenient. Sure the 9mm would do a better job, but in the end, a gun is a gun. I feel there are too many people who dont even own guns and probably havent even touched one going around and calling .25’s and .380’s grandman guns or girlie guns. If you are a frequent gun user, sure its not for you, but there is no doubt that it gets the job done, and if you dont own or use a gun, then you should definitely shut your mouth….:)

  5. Statistics show that way more people are killed each year by .22 cal. firearms than by all other firearms combined.
    I would not want to be on the business end of any firearm, even a .22. Cops don’t usually carry .380s because they don’t do well when shooting through glass, wood, metal, etc., … and they seldom stop a perp after just one shot. But for your typical close range defense weapon, a .380 will do just fine … especially if one shoots the perp with more than one round. If he’s still advancing, I hope you saved a round or two for the tip of the nose.
    One last thing, never bluff with a firearm. If you have to draw a firearm, you’d better
    be legally justified in using it … and like Gunz (and Dirty Harry) say, “If you’re gonna shoot, shoot, … don’t talk.” There are no second place winners in gunfights.

  6. Here we can certainly agree. I think it’s a “girlie gun” because of the
    reasons you cite. My only reservation with it, and all the small guns, is
    that “It’s not scary enough”.

    I think the point that bears repeating, and is overlooked in the liberal
    media, and ignored by the “victim disarmament” crowd, is that just having,
    threatening, or displaying a gun, is often enough to end a threat. To me, if
    woman has draw her weapon, assumed the weaver stance (or anything
    approximating it), and is taking aim, I’m — after I stop wetting myself —
    getting out of Dodge. Criminals, being not the brightest bulbs, may not
    recognize a small gun. Even the dimmest among us can not mistake the ugly
    profile of the 1911!

    Clearly, if it means a 380 or nothing, I vote for the 380. IMHO 99% of the
    time it’s big enough. After all, it’s not like you’ll be called upon to stop
    a bear, moose, or a big game animal. Most of the varmints faced will be the
    two legged variety.

    As with your friend’s tale, it’s more important to have tools that you’ll
    have with you. Rather than the “ideal tool”. In the military, I was taught
    that the purpose of a handgun was to give you enough time to get to your
    real weapon.

    Any way, thanks for the post, and glad we could agree agreeably.

  7. A .380 takes up less space. Some women have small hands and find that .380 fits better. A friend told me that he had been in a situation several years ago when he had to pull his “mini fire-ax” out. Someone had stuck a dowel rod against his hip and my friend thought it was a gun. Nanoseconds later, the idiot who tried to be funny, had a .22LR semi-auto pistol shoved against his gut. Biff realized who was bothering him just before shooting the piece. Shot at that range, the idiot would have been in I.C.U. or the morgue. Same thing with a .380.

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