MUNY: I’d prefer to have my copies online somewhere. Protected but online!

***Begin Quote***

Be smart, have copies of your CCs in a lockbox somewhere, track your credit report etc.

***End Quote***

"have copies"

This isn't too helpful if you are on a trip somewhere. My personal preference is to have a hidden directory on my website, password protected, with an encrypted file. That file contains my credit card information AND the 800 numbers for domestic or international to report stolen cards. In another file, encrypted and password protected, are scanned images of my birth certificate, passport, and drivers license. Ditto, for poa, hcp, advanced directive, and all important paper work that I might need in a pinch.

Recently when Mom was hospitalized, and the docs were giving me a hard time, I just gave them my website and two magic words, and they were able to see my Mom's designation of me as her Health Care Proxy. End of hard time.

The next day I changed the magic words.

I have an index card with all the words scrambled in my wallet. In case, I don't have my data fob with me. If I can get an inet connect, I can get to my info.

I think that's important.

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