TECHNOLOGY: Using freedownlodmanager, mp3split-ght, and some batch files to make life easy

To compensate for a cheap mp3 player which doesn't remember where in an mp3 it left off (i.e., it always starts at the beginning of a "song" arghh) and its lame fast forward function (i.e., hold down a button forever), I engineered my own solution.

I like to listen to the fellows over at, who while sometimes a tad "juvenile" about what they are interested in and talk about, do have a show that talks about liberty. It does challenge one's assumptions. And, even for a cranky old Libertarian like me, it has developed my thinking. It's a good use of my commute time. And, they put their show out as a podcast, which means I can time shift. They rapidly wormed their way into my commute and become my favorite podcast. And, the podcasts are free unlike almost every other talk show like Rush, Bob Brinker, or such. Many talk shows don't even have a podcast for you to time shift with. From time to time, I listen to IT Conversations, but it's too much like work where I'm going to or coming from.

Any way back to compensating for the cheap mp3 player. The freetalkwebsite has the last six days of podcasts available as an http download. More than a year's worth are available by BitTorrent. So every Sunday, I get the last week's for my next week's drive time.

FreeDownloadManager is a download accelerator and manager. Free! Using this software you can easily download files from any web site. With FDM, I do my usual "save as" and FDM takes over from there. So I do six right clicks on the web site, select the right destination directory, first time takes a few more clicks, and FDM does the dirty work. It gets each one in turn; two at a time.

Then, I fire up mp3split-ght and get ready to surgically split the nominally 3 hour mp3 from FTL into 12 ten minute segments. I experimented with 24 fives and that was OK; ten seems to be "better". SO I set my output destination the first time; it remembers after that. Select 600 minute blocks. And, select my input file. Usually by this time, FDM has all the files. So I run mp3split-ght and it creates my 12 ten minute mp3s.

Here's the tricky part, if I just went ahead an split the next file, it gives them the same name. (I haven't figured out that different name stuff in the program. Must have a feature. Just too lazy!) So I run a trivial batch file to rename the parts to Monday1 to Monday12. Yes, I have six batch files, one for each day.

I proceed to iterate. Split and rename five more times.

Then I use MusicMatchJukebox to nuke everything on the mp3player from last week and stuff this week's stuff on it.

The whole process takes less than 20 minutes. And which doesn't require my full attention all the time.

FWIW YMMV just in case you were interested in a cheap and lazy way to do it.

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