Hey Governor Corzine … … why do state cars speed?

… … why was td10933 doing 75 mph on Route 295 South MileMarker 43 at 0721 this morning? Rushing to get to work to serve the taxpayers of New Jersey? Guess we taxpayers don't have to save on the gas we buy. By The Way, he went right by one NJ plate holder aka sucker pulled over by the State Police presumably for speeding. Guess that sucker was just trying to get to work on time so as he could pay his taxes. Funny how I never see a state worker, state car, or such pulled over. Guess that is the divine right of the rulers not to be bound by the same rules as every one else in the People's Republic of New Jersey. We all know that no Prince of the State (i.e., a member of the State ruling body) would ever even be bothered by being pulled over since their cars (and those of their immediate families) have special adorned plates with the "regal crown" on them and laughably low numbers. And we'll never see any of the legions of "police" pulled over since they too have special "badges" on their cars (e.g., NJSP stickers; FOP & PBA medallions; etc.; etc.; etc.). No it's only Joe Six Pack who has to worry about being selected by the "Special Revenue Generation" teams aka the various "police" with radar guns and speed traps. Yup, it's not about safety silly taxpayer. It's about splitting the take from their scheme with local politicians thru their kangaroo courts. Visualize it as a bunch of jackels fighting over a rotting corpse of a taxpayer and then looking for the next victim. Hump, silly peasant, think that government is here to protect and serve you. DOn't they read the Supreme Court decisions that say we don't even have to try. We are good at that … … not trying … … anything but your patience. We need a good tax revolt NOW! Why does the gummamint tax gas? So we can watch the State's cars speed by.

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