RANT: Awww, the new Fed Chairman is “misunderstood”. Your FRBies at work!


***Begin Quote***

Stocks fell on Monday after CNBC's Maria Bartiromo revealed on air that Ben Bernanke felt his testimony last week had been "misunderstood."

***End Quote***

This has so many aspects. Let's start with the "Federal Reserve Bank" is a misnomer. It ain't "federal"; it's a private club. It's sole purpose was / is to evade the Constitutional restrictions on fiat currency. Remember the famous Cross of Gold speech? This is taking that to it's absurd conclusion. Hyper inflation. Unelected minions enabling the Federal Government to spend more than it takes in by stealing your savings. And, if you're an economist who subscribes to the Austrian School of vonMises and Ben is "misunderstood". Aghhhh! But I did like the quote "money honey", perhaps Ben was seduced into confessing his feelings. Sex does move the blood from the thinking end to the other end! Madison Avenue knows that.

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