INTERESTING: Self-plagiarism?

iThenticate Examines “The Ethics of Self-Plagiarism” in New White Paper

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“Self-plagiarism is one of the most potentially dangerous forms of misconduct in scholarly research due to the lack of understanding of the ethics involved in repurposing one’s own work,” said Robert Creutz, general manager of iThenticate, iParadigms’ plagiarism checking software for scholarly publishers and researchers. “This white paper offers a clear definition of self-plagiarism and how authors and publishers can avoid this issue and the costly retractions associated it.”

The pressure to publish, combined with an ever-growing body of scholarly research, makes it difficult for publishers and institutions to investigate and prevent cases of self-plagiarism. The issue continues to be a major source of misconduct and cause for retractions in scholarly research. Most recently, a noted Brazilian entomologist was forced to retract a paper for self-plagiarism.

According to the report, “self-plagiarism is defined as a type of plagiarism in which the writer republishes a work in its entirety or reuses portions of a previously written text while authoring a new work. Writers often maintain that because they are the authors, they can use the work again as they wish; they can’t really plagiarize themselves because they are not taking any words or ideas from someone else. But while the discussion continues on whether self-plagiarism is possible, the ethical issue of self-plagiarism is significant, especially because self-plagiarism can infringe upon a publisher’s copyright. Traditional definitions of plagiarism do not account for self-plagiarism, so writers may be unaware of the ethics and laws involved in reusing or repurposing texts.”

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This definitely sounds strange to me.

I guess it’s possible if I sold the rights to something and then reused it.

I guess Paterson writing the Alex Cross series is guilty?

Makes no sense, unless in selling, I promised exclusivity?

Yet another concept I really don’t understand.

Good thing no one wants to buy my writing.

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JOBFINDING: Project leader

Good morning John

I just got a note from a manufacturing client that they are looking for a Project Leader who can become the Director.

You can read his note as to what they need. If this is you or someone you could recommend please let me know so we can move forward quickly.

“As mentioned previously … we are in the process of consolidating 2 companies … and moving to a single ERP.

My immediate needs are for a project leader who will drive the ERP implementation in one of the business units.

This means working with all functions and getting their modules up and running and then training the personnel on the use of the ERP.

The skill set here is mostly PROJECT LEADERSHIP … good planning skill, excellent communication skills, experience in installing an ERP or converting to a new ERP, Manufacturing Experience, Understanding of Sale, Marketing, Customer Service, Production, Finance and Accounting, Logistics would all be valuable in this role.

Secondly, this person will be evaluated for the ultimate role of Director of MIS for the total business. So, IT background with experience in managing an MIS function, knowledge of Hardware, Software, Networks, Helpdesk, Communicatons would be needed.

Ideally, the candidate would be an energetic up and comer looking for a Director of MIS position who would be willing to prove his/her abilities by bringing the business onto a single ERP platform, managing that process and then walking into the Director’s chair.

Our business is global with sites in Italy, UK, US, China, Japan and soon India … so there are a lot of IT challenges and opportunities.

We need an effective Leader, Implementer, Very Organized, Team Player with excellent IT and Business skills.

Base Salary will be in the low hundred range with a bonus.

The area is very affordable as well.

Dan Spencer, CPC

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INSPIRATIONAL: The “infamous Florena Budwin”

Confederate Prison Site Turned National Cemetery
By Ron Walters August 15, 2011 at 11:52 am

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Not far from the trenches a single headstone sits apart, bearing the name Florena Budwin. Her life was a fascinating one. Having disguised herself as a man to follow her husband into battle, she was captured and interned at the notorious Andersonville prison and later moved to the Florence stockade. Owing to meager rations and disease at the prison, she fell ill. The doctor who treated her uncovered her carefully guarded secret. Following her recovery, she stayed on at the prison to nurse her fellow soldiers, fell ill again, and died in January 1865.

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Interesting that women “snuck” in to fight?

The blurb on this post says: “the infamous Florena Budwin”

Why “infamous”?

Inspirational that she said as a nurse.

Women are “tough stuff”.

Like the joke says, “if men had to have babies, the human race would have end after the first generation”.

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