INSPIRATIONAL: Dolores Hope; dead at the age of 102

Dolores Hope remembered for deep Catholic faith

By Kevin J. Jones

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Los Angeles, Calif., Sep 21, 2011 / 12:31 am (CNA).- Dolores Hope, the widow of entertainer Bob Hope and a supporter of many Catholic charities, was a Catholic of “deep abiding faith,” Archbishop José H. Gomez said in tribute to her life.

“Both the entertainment world and the Church have lost a woman of profound faith, gifted musical talent, and dedication to the betterment of peoples world-wide. The death of Dolores Hope leaves a huge void in Southern California,” he said.

“May she now enter into that eternal life and light prepared for her by the God whom she loved so fully and deeply.”

Mrs. Hope died Sept. 19 at the age of 102.

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In this day and age, she certainly made her mark quietly.

I always gave them credit for class. He for his clean although risque troop shows. Her for her USO work.

An amazing couple.

World’s a little poorer without them.

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TECHNOLOGY: An ereader or IPAD as a survival tool

The One Long-Term Survival Tool Everyone Forgets
The Survival Mom

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We have three Kindles, and a hand cranked charger that will charge them and our MP3 player. A hand crank charger is dirt cheap, easily repaired if it breaks and takes up almost zero room (as usual, I am not affiliated with this site or product in any way, merely a happy customer). Two of the Kindles have yet more manuals on them, with duplication of the vital ones.

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I’m not so sure about the need for “entertainment” when the world is falling down around your ears.

But, I did note that Orthodox Jews have the entire Talmud, other sacred writings, and all sorts of utilities (i.e., concordances, vocabularies, dictionaries, etc. etc) on an IPAD.

Her point might be more accurately that it is possible to have the wisdom of the world on a Faraday enclosed electronic.

While technology is never cheap (i.e., matches are more expensive than Tom Hanks’ two sticks on the island), sometimes it’s “cheap” as compared to the alternative (i.e., ignorance).


I’d suggest the ipad as less “locked in” than a kindle, but that’s merely a technical opinion.

Her opinion notwithstanding, it seems like good advice.

Besides what are you going to do with your worthless fiat paper currency when it’s only value is tinder (i.e., Zimbabwe dollars)?

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