MONEY: Minimum Wage is NOT the problem

Nigerian bishops lament refusal to implement minimum wage
September 26, 2011

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The bishops of Nigeria are lamenting the refusal of state governments to implement a new national minimum wage.

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Economics is not faith and morals so the bishops are NOT infallible.

Maybe next the good bishops will opine on how to set broken bones?

Economics is called the dismal science because wishing doesn’t make it so. You can’t change reality by Gooferment diktat!

Implementing, or in the case of the USA raising, a minimum wage will ensure that folks will be unemployed.

So what’s worse, reality with people working or unemployment?

FYI, one should always stick to their area of expertise.

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RANT: Epilogue To Kelo Case should be that the little people have no “rights”,0,2543383,full.story

Apology Adds An Epilogue To Kelo Case
Supreme Court Justice’s Startling Apology Adds Human Context To Tough Ruling
By JEFF BENEDICT The Hartford Courant
September 18, 2011

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“Those comments,” he wrote, “were predicated on certain facts that we did not know (and could not have known) at the time of our decision and of which I was not fully aware until your talk — namely, that the city’s development plan had never materialized and, as a result, years later, the land at issue remains barren and wholly undeveloped.” He later added that he could not know of those facts “because they were not yet in existence.”

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Recap: The woman’s house, and many others, was taken by the “City” and give to Pfizer for their corporate hq. The project went bust and never completed. The “City” was never punished.

The Fifth Amendment (i.e., the protection from public takings) was gutted with this decision. It’s hard to imagine a turning point going by with such little moral outrage. Might does make right! And, this poor woman’s house is an empty field. I hope there’s Justice somewhere for this.

What does it being barren have to do with the taking?

Little people have no protection from the Gooferment.

That’s why there’s a Second Amendment.

What hill do you want to die on?

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