NEWJERSEY: Gooferment Skrules transfer costs and are just wrong!

Single-family homes approved for Greenview Road, S.B.

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“Are we satisfied with 73 new homes? No.” Gambatese said. “They have the potential to bring 125 to 150 children into the school system, which is an expense. But there is not much we could do about it. We’re satisfied that we made it so that the quality of life of our residents was not ruined by the homes.”

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Maybe this is a reason that the Gooferment should NOT be in the Gooferment Skrules biz?

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TECHNOLOGY: Solar Bottle Bulb

September 4th, 2011 at 12:52 pm
Solar Bottle Bulb – a cheap and sustainable way to light homes
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Now a simple innovation called the “Solar Bottle Bulb” is popping out of roofs and illuminating the lives of many.

Fixed into holes in a corrugated iron roof, the “bulb” is a recycled plastic bottle that contains bleached water. Bringing more light than a traditional window that can crack or leak during typhoon season, the bottle bulbs refract the sun’s rays to create 55-watts worth of light.

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Hmmm, a useful idea for any house, garage, or shed?

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