RANT: Liberal just don’t get it


Sunday, September 18, 2011
Read their lips, no new taxes — on the rich;
the rest of you, you’re on your own

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The Republican plan for addressing the long-term deficit can be summed up this way: Leave the rich alone and pass along the costs to the rest of us.

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I believe what they are saying is: “No new taxes”. I’d prefer them to say: “No taxes”, but that will never happen as long as they have the guns.

Taxes are an immoral theft.

But over and above that, raising taxes in a down economy is economic suicide.

They will have to cut spending. Before they “drive” the economy into total collapse.

Everyone is looking at the uncertainty ahead — how much will an employee cost me? — what are the economic prospects ahead? — what are these idiots in DC doing? — and waiting for the storm to pass.

I personally like Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. At least it’s easy to understand. I doubt we can ever pass it. Since the politicians and bureaucrats will be fighting for pennies. That’s not a bad thing. Just never going to happen.

Everyone is ALWAYS on their own. We need more “rowers” and fewer “free riders”.


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SOCIALISM: China’s one child policy impact


China: bachelor villages, kidnapped brides
September 15, 2011

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Over the next two decades, up to 50 million men are expected to be unable to find wives. “I don’t have any requirements at all,” said a 35-year-old farmer in a village with no women eligible for marriage. “I would be satisfied with just a wife.”

To help meet the growing demand for wives, thousands of Burmese women have been lured into China, kidnapped, and sold to rural men.

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Interesting how Gooferment diktats have such long ranging impacts. Like the man in the funny white hat has said (basically) don’t mess with what we don’t understand. It’s a little like surgery on ourselves. Such ego. To think we can defeat “natural law”.


With real world consequences.

Sad for everyone including the USA.

Think all those abortions won’t matter.

My fear is maybe “We, The Sheeple” have killed the person who could have cured cancer.

I’m ashamed that I wasn’t able to make it all stop.

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