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RANT: A smart guy is a liberal

My Life in Key West
Key West Lou

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Included topic wise will be some comment on the many CEO’s of major corporations whose pay is greater than what their companies pay in taxes. In most instances, the major coprporations pay no taxes.

Which…..proves the point that our tax system is out of whack and needs replacing. Too many loopholes. I say throw the whole thing out and go to a flat tax.

Another item to be discussed is the proposed law in California to require minimum wage to be paid adult babysitters. That does not bother me. Most babysitters are well paid. Much more per hour than minimum wage.

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The correct corporate tax rate is ZERO! Corporations don’t pay taxes; only real human beings pay taxes. A corporation is a fiction. All it does it pass along its costs in its products and services. For real people to pay. The Gooferment loves this because it hides taxation. Buy a can of beans. How much tax did you pay hidden in that can? Don’t forget the gasoline tax to deliver those cans. You’ll never be able to figure it out and that’s exactly the point. If the corporation can’t cover its costs, it goes out of business. It’s a joke.

If people knew the true cost of Gooferment, it’d be the French Revolution all over again.

Minimum wage laws are dumb. If you and I agree on a wage, what right does the Gooferment have to tell us we can’t? It ensures that we have unemployment. When is “nothing” better than “something”? When the Gooferment can “give” welfare under the guise of “helping”. Argh! To preempt the argument of “living wage”, don’t we have the “earned income tax credit”? Argh!

Minimum wage is a tax on business which gets passed along in higher prices. Argh!

And, don’t forget inflation. The cruelest tax on people. Especially the poor, those on fixed incomes. Your wealth is stolen silently. And, don’t tell me there’s no inflation. Like 9% unemployment, zero inflation is a cruel Gooferment joke. Save your cereal boxes, write the price paid on the box, compare a few boxes. Watch the contents go down as the price goes up. Then tell me there’s no inflation.

Liberals are so naive.

September 1, 2011 8:56 AM

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And, as far as the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax, that’s just the politician’s smokescreen for MORE taxes.

Luddite and I squabble about this all the time. (Or at least every time he brings it up!)

The net result will be the USA will have both a INCOME tax and a VAT. Just like in Europe.

Our problem is NOT taxation.

Our problem is the Welfare / Warfare State funded with dishonest fiat money.

“We, The Sheeple” are too stupid to understand that they are getting shorn, <synonym for the past tense of the procreation act>, and tattooed!

And when “they” are herding “us” on to the rail cars for a ride to the camps, everyone will be praising the politicians and bureaucrats for the “free vacation”.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Parents are too stupid to feed their children?

Parents Aren’t Safe
Posted by Karen De Coster on August 30, 2011 05:12 AM

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Here’s another way for the government-media safety parade propaganda machine to sell folks on the dangers of biological parents and the “safety” of our government parents: thanks to parental negligence, kids bring “unsafe” lunches to school that are ripe for bacteria. As usual, researchers study something – anything – that is insignificant and turn the non-issue into a major safety issue to be chatted about endlessly by the gullible media halfwits. And this news leads to a media storm and suggestions for treating your kid’s lunch like an organ being shipped off for transplant.

*** end quote ***

I just shake my head. It’s a miracle that the human race can survive without “our betters in Gooferment” telling us how to feed children.

Maybe if “We, The Sheeple” didn’t mandate sending them to prison, then they could be safely fed at home while they are being home schooled. And, parents, who choose to send their children to school elsewhere than home, would take care of the issue of safe food.

Maybe there should be no food in school? Didn’t the media just tell us that the kids are too fat?

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