Doing It Right: Google Docs Apologizes for Yesterday’s Outage
By Jon Mitchell / September 9, 2011 10:50 AM

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Downtime is the bugaboo, the monster under our bed at the dawn of the cloud era. No service is 100% reliable, but cloud services are becoming more and more vital to keep our businesses running and our sites up. A cloud service provider’s handling of an outage is absolutely crucial to keeping its customers happy and earning their forgiveness. But since outages usually require detailed technical explanations, they are often left to engineers whose tone might not be as gentle or apologetic as can be. When Amazon’s EBS hosting services went down in April, bringing some of the Web’s most important sites with them, the explanation was long-winded and dense, and the fallout was not handled well. Warren’s post today couldn’t be more different.

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That’s more than a “bugaboo”.

If you’re getting the service for free, you get what you pay for.

No gripes allowed.

But if you’re betting your life or livelihood on the “cloud”, then you better have some contingency plans.

A current back up, with Open Office or another such capability.

Might make the diff between paycheck and unemployment?

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RANT: Alternative measures of labor underutilization

Real Unemployment
by Karen De Coster

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Of course the US Government tracks real unemployment. It’s called an “alternative measure of labor underutilization.” 16.1% for August 2011.

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I’m not give to profanity, but WTF!

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GUNS: Five Gunwalker Questions

Five Gunwalker Questions the Media Won’t Ask, and the Obama Administration Won’t Answer
by Bob Owens

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The scandal is not complicated, and would be revealed by the answering of five simple questions that the media dare not demand answers to from this Administration.

1. Who came up with the idea of allowing guns to be purchased by straw purchasers and then “walked” across the border by smugglers?

2. Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Justice?

3. Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Homeland Security?

4. Is Operation Fast and Furious the only operation of its type, or were there similar operations in Texas, Florida, and other states as evidence suggests?

5. What, precisely, did Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano know about Operation Fast and Furious, and when did they know it?

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All gun owners, who put up with the abrogation of their Second Amendment by the BATF, are entitled to the truth.

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