INTERESTING: Full Tilt poker; a Ponzi?

DOJ says Full Tilt was a global Ponzi scheme
20 September 2011
By Dan Igo

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“Full Tilt was not a legitimate poker company, but a global Ponzi scheme,” Bharara said in a statement. “Full Tilt insiders lined their own pockets with funds picked from the pockets of their most loyal customers while blithely lying to both players and the public alike about the safety and security of the money deposited.”

Lederer, Ferguson, former CEO Ray Bitar and Rafael “Rafe” Furst, all owners of Full Tilt Poker, are accused of distributing approximately $443 million to themselves and other owners of the company. The amended complaint alleges that Full Tilt mixed player funds with operating funds, despite public claims to the contrary by the site.

The DOJ said that by the end of March, Full Tilt Poker owed approximately $390 million to players worldwide, including $150 million to American players, but had less than $60 million in its bank accounts.

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I was always suspicious of online poker.

I admit it was more about the risk of the computer programming. I could envision all sorts of compromises. Network, collusion, and malware leap to mind.

I didn’t think about our old friend Ponzi; I will from now on.

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TINFOILHAT: Did JFK plant the seeds of his own demise

Relax, no one is going to shoot me, JFK told secret service agents after 1960 election
Last updated at 12:16 AM on 20th September 2011

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President John F Kennedy ridiculed the idea of being shot – just three years before he was assassinated.

Following the 1960 election he told one of his aides that Secret Service security was excessive and he was not at risk.

Kennedy insisted: ‘They’re making me uncomfortable. Nobody is going to shoot me, so tell them to relax.’

In November 1963, however, Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald in an assassination that would change the course of history.

Kennedy’s concerns emerged in a series of audio tapes made in the 1960s by his aide Kenneth O’Donnell and recently unearthed by O’Donnell’s daughter.

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Ahh, the hubris of what we think we know. No one is immune.

Wisdom is knowing the boundaries of knowledge.

If nothing, this is a lesson to those charged with “security”. Part of the job is “target management”!

The tin foil hat in me asks: “Who put this idea in his head? Or reinforced his prejudice. And, what was their connection to the assassination cabal?”

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FUN: Lisa Lottie Hottie Hoops or Hoop Hottie

Lisa Lottie Hottie Hoops

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The fat old white guy injineer in me, after careful study, notices that she only does the leg lift on one side. I’ll have to give the matter further study … from an injineering perspective, of course. Sigh!

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