NEWJERSEY: Mark roads, that flood, red for danger

Upon reflection, and thinking about those Japanese tsunami stones marking the high water mark of the last killer tsunami, perhaps NJDOT should be marking roads where there is a flash flood threat. Cars swept away; fatalities, remember. A good bureaucrat or maybe even a fat old white guy injineer would design a road marking that would alert a driver to “get out of dodge” should the rains start. Or even more wisely not blindly drive into a potential flood zone. I’ve seen such signs in Vegas. Why not here in NJ.

Let’s color the road surface red the next time it’s repaved?

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POLITICAL: Abandoned on the beach without the supplies and support

Michele Bachmann Rocks Florida
Posted by Humberto Fontova Aug 30th 2011 at 6:37 pm
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Fifty years ago when the smoke cleared and their ammo had been expended to the very last bullet, when a hundred of them lay dead and hundreds more wounded, after three days of relentless battle, barely 1,400 of them — without air support (from the U.S. Carriers just offshore) and without a single supporting shot by naval artillery (from U.S. cruisers and destroyers poised just offshore) — had squared off against 31,000 Castro troops, his entire air force and squadrons of Soviet tanks. The Cuban freedom-fighters inflicted casualties of 20 to 1 against their Soviet-armed and led enemies. Their feat of arms still amazes professional military men.

“They fought magnificently and were not defeated,” stressed Marine Col. Jack Hawkins a multi-decorated WWII and Korea vet who helped train them. “They were abandoned on the beach without the supplies and support promised by their sponsor, the Government of the United States.”

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The story here isn’t Michelle Bachman. The story is the Bay of Pigs perfidy.

(And as a big Gooferment republican, I’m sure she’d do the same thing. Slip the knife in anyone’s back when expeditious.)

Why would any “ally” of the USA trust us?

I wouldn’t.

I saw that lesson, as pointed out by a WW2 marine turned Christian Brother in grammar school, in the ‘57 Hungarian Revolution. We listened to the VOA broadcasts in history class. It was obvious. Would you start a nuclear war to stand by revolutionaries?

“We, The Sheeple” didn’t.

And we do it over and over again.

And the lesson is not lost by those who oppose us in the field. We can be outlasted.

Sadly, too true. Ron Paul is right. Let’s MYOB!

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