INSPIRATIONAL: “Leave Your Tower”? Are they kidding!

7 Steps to Making Your Dream Come True
Written by Doug Rice
Categories: productivity tips, self improvement

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#3. Leave Your Tower

To make your dreams come true, you’ve got to get started.

Eventually, you need to move from the realm of thinking to the realm of doing. You need to make a “no turning back” decision that sets you in the direction of accomplishing your goals.

For Rapunzel, this decision is to leave her tower for the first time in her life. Once her feet touch the ground, she realizes that she’s taken the biggest step that she’ll need to take during her entire journey. “I can’t believe I did this!” She keeps shouting as she experiences her newfound freedom.

Have you taken the initial step? Or, are you still stuck in your tower dreaming? Nothing will ever happen until you get started. You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and burn the bridge leading back to it. Break off the unhealthy relationship you’re in. Buy an expensive set of paints for your first masterpiece. Quit your job. Do something that sends the signal that you are serious and you’re not turning back.

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I was doing ok until he said “leave tower”. I’m an ITSJ!

<<Yes, I KNOW it’s ISTJ, BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), as an IT guy, I LIKE it as ITSJ!>>

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