INSPIRATIONAL: The “infamous Florena Budwin”

Confederate Prison Site Turned National Cemetery
By Ron Walters August 15, 2011 at 11:52 am

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Not far from the trenches a single headstone sits apart, bearing the name Florena Budwin. Her life was a fascinating one. Having disguised herself as a man to follow her husband into battle, she was captured and interned at the notorious Andersonville prison and later moved to the Florence stockade. Owing to meager rations and disease at the prison, she fell ill. The doctor who treated her uncovered her carefully guarded secret. Following her recovery, she stayed on at the prison to nurse her fellow soldiers, fell ill again, and died in January 1865.

*** end quote ***

Interesting that women “snuck” in to fight?

The blurb on this post says: “the infamous Florena Budwin”

Why “infamous”?

Inspirational that she said as a nurse.

Women are “tough stuff”.

Like the joke says, “if men had to have babies, the human race would have end after the first generation”.

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