RANT: Yesterday’s State Worker’s rally had some elements of truth in it

The TV assaulted us with the state workers demanding their “rights” to the taxpayer’s wallet yesterday. They kept chanting that they weren’t “the problem”. To a certain extent I agree.

But like the tale of the two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner, they may have over played their hand.

As a taxpayer, I can’t afford those state workers with their pensions and benefits.

Then, let’s look at the “teacher’s union”, trying — even though their particular ox wasn’t being gored — to demonstrate that they were the “he bull” of all the state unions. Certain of their members left their students high and dry. (Fire them!) But, they demonstrated that we taxpayers can’t afford them either.

So, let’s have a forty year plan to end state workers and state education.

State workers are easy. Convert their pension obligation to an insurance policy and end pension & benefits for all part-timers (How the politicians unjustly enrich themselves!) and all future workers. Oh, and throw in, that if you get a felony defrauding the state, you lose your pension. (Another favorite of the politicians!)

Education is harder. We can’t afford it. So we need a forty year exit strategy. First twenty years, privatize by vouchers to create a viable private market in education. The second twenty years, reduce the state’s funding to zero.

That’ll solve the state’s property tax problem!

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