GUN: Who has one? Who doesn’t? the criminal’s dilemma

This picture makes the essential point FOR concealed carry.

The bad guys have no clue who is or who is not packing heat.

If they guess wrong, they could be over matched and wind up dead, crippled, or arrested. It also creates a “bystander problem” for them. If they are assaulting someone, one has to be foolish to try and intervene. But when the bystander is carry concealed, they can bring an overwhelming amount of force to the situation from an unexpected direction. So now the bad guy not only has to worry about the victim presenting, but he also has to worry that a passer by might not just pass by. Worst case, the bad guy could wind up dead.

Certainly, we know that the police aren’t everywhere and can’t get somewhere fast enough. If they intervene, it’s by luck. But, there are always witnesses. And, if someone is carrying concealed, they have invested time, money, and effort in their skill. They have a self-image. And, I want them to feel free to help me.

We will need to retrain the police and gubamint that the citizens are the masters!

2 thoughts on “GUN: Who has one? Who doesn’t? the criminal’s dilemma

  1. I agree with that however there has to be oversight on who is allowed a gun. I am from NYC and i know that we are not allowed to carry guns for a reason. They are beneficial to society in the right hands however the city also has plenty of wrong hands. There are lots of gangsters who could do some damage and aren’t scared by weapons, so the gun’s main psychological purpose is reduced, and no citizen wants to be put away for murder so they are less likely to fire.
    Making guns legal for everyone might even the odds for regular people however it makes gang wars a real problem and innocent people may be caught in the crossfire even if they are armed.

  2. Hello Reinke,

    I could not agree with you more! Unfortunately, i am too old to carry my ’50 in a conceiled way.


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