INTERESTING: Old age is not for sissies.

The abiding legacy of my mother — the listener
By Ellen Goodman | December 8, 2006

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Old age is not for sissies. My mother’s long slow terrible decline lasted over a decade. There was the television she could no longer work and then the telephone. There were the small spiral notebooks whose pages were covered with names from a past she struggled to retain. One page listed her favorite movie star: Cary Grant. Another listed my father’s best friend: Lou Novins.

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This really rang true as I am traveling down that road with my Mom. Dementia is a terrible thing. Slowly turning her from a “mom” into a shell of her former self. It saddens me. And, I’m not kidding when I tell people “when I get old, just shoot me!”

2 thoughts on “INTERESTING: Old age is not for sissies.

  1. Like the gooferment could catch you?!! You have to realize the HUGE percentages of crimes that go unsolved. The doughnut eaters are more like the postman. They’ll come a ask a lot of questions, write a report, and go for coffee. If accidentally, they blunder in while the gun is still smoking, then you might get caught. More likely, not. Unless it’s a newspaper case, or involves one of the politically connected class, or is violence on another police officer, the odds are in favor of getting away with it. that’s just the sad truth. Besides, what inheritance? I’m spending it all. Tell her yourself! She likes you. Me, she merely tolerates. She thinks I’m strange and getting worse. So when are you moving to the Free State?

  2. UJ-

    I’d conform to your wishes and shoot you but the government may not like that. Just kidding (about shooting you of course). And paying that inheritance tax wouldn’t be as much fun if I was in jail! Tell Auntie Ev hello

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