TECHNOLOGY: Do you use the same password for different accounts? No!

Do you use the same password for different accounts?

***Begin Quote***

A UN agency reports that the explosion of usernames and passwords required for web sites puts users at risk – because folks use the same password for lots of different accounts.

***End Quote***

Do you?

I use the “generate password” function of RoboForm to get a nice long random string.

Then, when I setup the website, RoboForm steps in and saves it for me. Then when I revisit the site, it “suggests” my logon information.

Now it’s NOT free. Unlike what you usually find me advising you, here’s the rare instance when I think you should actually buy something. Do you really want to trust your security to a free utility? To me, thirty buck is cheap insurance.

P.S.: If you wonder how I created those great email addresses, that I DARE an alpha spammer to find, like A9355A8E7B32583A58D8, F2F967D552AF5A8278AD, or D94BAE6E7FBDBCADC888, then you can guess that I generated them with RoboForm. Since most people reply to email or will click on your mailto:name@isp.nnet, no one cares what you call yourself.

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