TECHNOLOGY: “SYNCURA” securely share files with your team (free of course)

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Synchronize folders with your team!

Syncura has rearraged the peer-to-peer file sharing concept into a secure, invitation-only product that will keep your team's crucially important files in sync.

How does it work?

Syncura automatically encrypts and synchronizes files with the rest of your team. Copy or save a file to a shared folder and it is automatically sent to all your teammates. Only the portion of the file that changed is transferred to your teammates. So if you only add one page to a 100 page document, only the changes you made are transferred. This strategy reduces network bandwidth by over 80%.

Who can use it?

Anyone with Internet access can be invited to share files with your team. Collaborate on documents with clients from other organizations or with colleagues on different networks. If a direct connection between your computer and a teammate's computer is not available, Syncura will perform a ProxySync to synchronize files. A ProxySync will relay your encrypted file changes through our servers.

Instant document sharing

Syncura instantly synchronizes files updated by your teammates to your local hard drive. No more wasting time finding the latest version of a shared document before heading to an offsite meeting. Syncura will also download any changes your teammates made while you were offline. Additonally, Syncura detects any files you changed while offline and immediately synchronizes them with the rest of your team.

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Well it's free. It does exchange files. How secure it is I can't say I know. It solves a problem I have about sharing data between machines.

The 9 Dimensions of Procrastination

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So why can't people just buckle down and get the job done?

1.) False beliefs

2.) Fear of failure

3.) Perfectionism

4.) Self-control

5.) Punitive parenting

6.) Thrill-seeking

7.) Task-related anxieties

8.) Unclear expectations

9.) Depression

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Picture this: Brutus the crocodile with the chainsaw yesterday in AU.

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He didn’t want to go into Brutus’ pen so he stood on a ladder and leaned over to cut the tree,” Tavern owner Peter Shappert said.

“I think Brutus was a bit upset with all the noise and in two seconds he leapt 20ft off the water and scrambled up the tree, snatching the chainsaw out of his hand.

“Freddy got a bit of a scare and jumped straight off the ladder. He was certainly ready for his rum for the day and it was only 10am.

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I would have soiled myself and then went for the drink. I didn’t know they could move like that. Note to self: DOn’t annoy animals EVER.

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They say he also consented to a search

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Investigators went to the school and obtained his consent to search his person. They say they found a set of brass knuckles and a knife.

They say he also consented to a search of his vehicle, where deputies found two more knives and a pipe with marijuana residue in it.

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Nope sorry. No one can consent to a search. Put me on this fellow's jury and he walks everytime. He was detained pending arrest. They obviously had no probably cause because why did they ask for his consent. he was in no position to freely consent.

Furhter he has an Intelligent Deisgned given right to carry any weapon he chooses for self-defense. The "no weapons near a school" guearantees that the bad guys have no opposition when they seek to do bad things. Drugs, what a joke. Anyone is free, again with right that is inherent to all of our species, to put anything they want into their bodies. While I think drug abuse is "bad", I don't impose my opinions on others' by force of arms.

This story saddens me how we have lost our liberties.

Coming to the end of April, some soul searching. Or is it sole searching?

Is this activity of any use? I’m really not sure it’s being read. And if it’s being read, is it of value? And, value to whom?

All I get out of it is a toilet paper roll of random musings. At least they are all captured in one place. I does discharge that self-imposed need to discharge nervous energy. (I just typoed gry. What were those three words — hungry, angry, and ?)

See I am crazy.

Does this advance my thought that each individual has a duty to publish? To share their own particular data – information – knowledge – wisdom. When I do the alumni obits, I always ask “what have we lost”. Each individual has a unique value. Maybe that’s why I’m pro life. Maybe that baby is going to cure cancer, advance human thinking, or just make people laugh.

(I can see the groans on your faces! He’s going to tell the Wally Crowther Cave story again! Arghh! Run. He is “in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike” in his sick mind. Now he’s going to tell that story again. Run! Ahhh! Too late. Not fast enough!)

When I was at AT&T I found adventure. Not out on the plains of Africa, not in the dangerous streets of manhattan, not on a mountain. I found it at the end of a teletype terminal. I dragged it everywhere there was a phone line. I was hooked. Colossal Cave Adventure was the first known interactive fiction game, created by Will Crowther originally, to simulate his cave exploring experiences. I played Adventure so often that sometimes I would fall asleep at the computer, not go to class, or ignore everything. I made maps. And shared them with my fellow geeks. Meeting dwarfs and saying “plugh”. I figured out how to traverse the identical caves. I actually had the path memorized. When I was dropped in the maze randomly. All I need was one object (I always kept the empty bird cage for that purpose) and I could be out of the maze in no more than thirty two steps with the cage. I would find my way out and then go back to get may cage for when it happened again. I enjoyed the world that existed solely in my head and some far off server. Adventure by my keyboard.

Anyway, I became aware of the unknown value of a potential life from a stupid computer game. (No, I was not on drugs! It just came as one of my “insights”. You know, bang your head on the wall long enough and you get the “insight” that maybe it would hurt less if you stopped!)

Early in the game there’s a bird. Fifth or sixth move. And you can do lot’s of things with the bird. Kill it. Eat it. But if you leave it alone, then a few caves later, you’ll find a bird cage. And a few caves later, your progress is blocked by a giant snake. So having nothing much else to do, you go back get the cage, catch the bird, and release it at the snake. The bird drives off the snake and you are free to explore Walter’s world that everyone is raving about.

Now I introduced a number of people to the game. I was amazed at how many smart people for no good reason would kill the bird. It told me something about human nature and life.

(1) Killing things chokes off possibilities. That’s when I became a pro-lifer. Maybe we have aborted the person who will cure cancer, lead us to the stars, or just make us laugh. Look at Hawking advancing the forefront of physics and tell me that it can’t happen. So I formed my opinion, that we ought not be killing people. Before they are born, after they do bad things, because they are deformed, old, sick, or don’t conform to someone’s opinions of what should be.

(2) People do things for no good reason just cause they can. And, they are never aware that they have limited their possibilities. Eliminated a path of great possible reward. Scoped themselves down. Hence I relized that making choices is fraught with hidden risks and I always thought about my choices very very carefully. Choices end to be mutually exclusive. Doing X means you can’t do Y. That makes life tough.

By The Way, I never told any of them what they missed. It was perverse. But those of us who had gotten by the snake formed a sacred oath never to divulge the secret of the snake. It was hysterical to watch people spend literally hours trying to find the now permanently blocked path. Someone once said something about “experience is a hard teach but fools will learn form no other”.

Any way, does this blog matter? It represents a choice. By doing this, I am not doing somethign else. And you now know why choices are so hard for me. I know there is a lot I don’t know but I don’t know what I don’t know. Help me?

Conversed with an interesting fellow alum yesterday.

Vincent M. Cramer

We had a great conversation. He said I just listened. Anyone who knows me know that can’t posibly be true. We had a few laughs about the old days in the Engineering Cafeteria. I told him about my Ds in theology and he shared how he got out of trudging up the hill to the main campue to be be abused as barabarians. Even in those days, he was pretty smart. Not many injineers figured out his escape route. Or, maybe we were just dense. Us injineers don’t think like gazelles.

Anyway, he was kind enough to share some of his thinking in his book. And I pushed some of my tired old ideas (i.e., Jasper Jottings; using alumni connections as a way to establish instant rapport; pay it forward rather than back; the value of loose connections).

During our conversation, I kept some notes. It would have been rude not to. Like a good little Gladwell connector, I linked him with two contacts that might be helpful to him. I kept track of my promises and his. He promised to stop for coffee as he whizzed by my Mount Laurel location. Maybe I’ll still be there; reorg you know.

Hopefully, it was as valauable for him as it was for me.

Playing with Yahoo’s Phone In / Phone Out serivce

I'm a sucker. Yahoo sent me a dollar to use on their new Phone In / Phone Out service. It's appealing. I can make or receive phone calls from my laptop. Out is not much difference there from Skype or Gizmo. In to it's own phone number is unique. But, when I am untethered with my Verizon Wireless Broad Band Card, I'm a rolling phone booth. Comcast's Digital Voice, part of their triple play, would also be nice when it gets to my area.

But three features of Yahoo's offering peaked my interest.

(1) Cheap; penny a minute.

(2) Turn my untethered laptop into a mobile phone [Yeah, I have a wireless phone. Buy a laptop phone would be nerdy kool.]

(3) Give my laptop it's own phone number. How kool would that be? And useful.

I figure that using Yahoo Instant Messenger, people might be more likely to give you a quick call.

SO FAR, it's been a modest disaster.

YIM75 will not install on my luggable laptop. Queries to Yahoo Support get a canned message — we'll be back to you within a day — followed by telling me where to dl the software or asking me questions about what happens when YIM runs.

Hey guys and gals, read the messages. IT DOESN'T INSTALL. Arghhh.

If I ever get a customer support group, then I am going have reading and listening lessons.

Maybe Ed Gripeline Foster would be interested in this?