Add the career builder monkey’s to your team!

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Monkey Mail

By Jason Meserve on Thu, 04/27/2006 – 6:46pm
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If you're like me and love the "I work with monkeys" commercial than you'll lover their new Monk-E-Mail service. Go to the Web site, type in a message and a customized monkey will read your message to the intended recipient. Brilliant! (Wait, that's Guinness… but still, brilliant!)

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I LOVE it. I think there can be many valuable messages that it can be used for. If there is an anonymous method.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum! Join the anti-spam army of the blue frogs.

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Another online pharmacy spam ring, nick-named PP, has decided to listen to the frog. PP, a medium size spammer, elected to stop spamming us. This is good news, but what is even more important is that we never sent a single opt-out request to PP. Yep, that's right. Zero opt-outs were sent to PP.

This spam ring was large enough to attract our attention, but there were a few other spammers who irritate our community more than PP. Therefore, we were essentially just watching them and their spam. We never took the time to create an opt-out script for PP's sites.

However, PP has decided there is no point in waiting for our community to take action. After all, our actions never generate revenues, just opt-outs. In a smart move, PP simply complied with the Registry. And don't think PP stopped spamming. We keep getting loads of their Vi@gra spam to our unregistered honeypot accounts. PP avoids sending spam to the Blue community.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war. This piece of advice was given by a Roman general a couple of thousands years ago. It was proven right again today. We want peace. We are prepared to fight for our rights. Spammers understand and respect this.

Posted by Eran Reshef Apr 27, 2006 08:48

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I wanted to invite you to join the Blue Community and benefit from Blue Security's free anti-spam service, the Do Not Intrude Registry. I highly recommend you join the service – it's simple, safe and easy to use. Many users already report a significant reduction in spam.

Blue Security allows us to actively do something to stop receiving spam. Here's how it works:

1. I report spam I receive to Blue Security.
2. The Blue Frog software, installed on my machine, automatically posts opt-out requests on spammers' sites demanding they stop sending spam to members of the Blue Community.
3. Spammers use the Do Not Intrude Registry in order to clean their lists and avoid sending us spam.

The service is free, and if you sign up now, Blue Security guaranties you will never have to pay for it in the future.

Stop filtering spam, Start deterring spammers – Sign up with the Do Not Intrude Registry.

RANT: LET THEM eat cake — or wait in line for a Prius.–+Op-ed+columns

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''Gasoline price increases are like a hidden tax on the working people," President Bush said in a speech that called for a federal inquiry into possible price-gouging, an easing of environmental rules on gasoline production, and a halt to new purchases for the nation's energy reserve.

Bush conveniently ignored one built-in cost: Government levies include a federal 18.4 cents-a-gallon tax on gas; and the states tax on top of that.

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Hey, somebody figured out that the tax on gasoline gets added into everything we buy. Hmmm, think I heard that before. What are we stupid?

TECHNOLOGY: Conference Place aka Microsoft Live Meeting (definitely not free)

Pig here, as in guinea pig. My employer has contracted for Conference Place, it's a shell that covers Microsoft's Live Meeting, aka Placewhere. After kicking the tires, I'm blah about it. It requires BOTH an inet connection and phone line. That's ugly. I was expecting only a net connect. After all voip means never having to say telephone. The phone connect is an added hassle and expense. You'd think that Microsoft would support two way voice over the net. Silly user. I'll be playing with it over the next few days and will advise. Makes me think that Asterisk would be a really neat home project that would have useful results.

“jury nullification”

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A three-judge panel of the San Francisco-based appeals court, in overturning the verdict, said a juror had had inappropriate communication with an attorney.

“Juror A” had asked the attorney during trial whether she had to follow the law or could vote her conscience because she suspected Rosenthal was growing marijuana for medicinal uses. The attorney told her she must follow the judge’s instructions to follow federal law or she would get in “trouble.”

“We hold that here the communication was an improper influence upon Juror A’s decision to acquit or convict,” the appeals court wrote.

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Interesting that people don't know about "jury nullification" I guess that's why I never get on a jury. I do. It's a pre-constitutional tradition emerging out of English common law and I first learned about it in connection with the Peter Zenger trial It says the jury is sovereign. They can not only judge the guilt or innocence of the accused. But they can judge the law. Sort of like a one person veto.

Now, needless to say, the judge ain't gonna be to happy if you vote "not guilty". For example, in your opinion, the Drug Laws may unconstitutional, or they may be intrusive, or they may be draconian, or they may be just plain stupid. You may think that the cops planted it, or that the Prosecutors are picking on some poor dumb defendant. Or that the judge is just a horse's behind. Bottom line, for what ever reason, you can vote "not guilty".

My personal advice is if you do, keep your mouth shut. Do NOT elaborate. Don't discuss. Don't tell anybody anything. Just say "not guilty" when asked.

It doesn't matter if he was caught on video tape, recorded, and 22 people swear that they bought drugs from him. Just smile quizzically and say "I believe the defendant. Hence, I vote "not guilty"." and shut up.

There are cases where your fellow juror will report all sorts of stuff to the judge in their zeal to do their duty.

You have to be just a zealous doing yours.

:-)  "Not guilty" ;-)

Did you have a preformed opinion? Nope! Did you apply the law as I explained it? Yup! Did you go into the deliberations with an open mind? Yes! Have you ever heard of the FIJA jury nullification? Nope!


How can you justify your verdict? I heard the defendant and believed him.


Bet you never get called for jury duty again! Yeah, I know it's completely random. Just register as a Libertarian and see how often you get called.

It's a rigged game.

RANT: Against mindless forwarding of email

Dear fellow traveler,

I don't understand how forwarding an email that may or may not be authentic helps anyone. Usually I counsel people not to do this bcause:

(1) Cause it doesn't get read.
(2) It absorbs a lot of different kinds of "space".
(3) Exposing all those email addresses to spammers is a bad idea.
(4) It doesn't influence anyone.

[The reader's are urge to improve my list by sharing their own points.]

If you were moved by the underlying message, then tell us about your experience. Trim the text so it has a high signal to noise ratio. Distill it.

(By the way, pictures don't usually come thru the forwarding process well. And they take a lot of space.)

That adding, distillation, and trimming all has value and merit. And, it might influence your fellow XYZers to think about something, think about it differently, or Intelligent Designer forbid they might actually change an opinion. See the way you did it, forwarding a many times forwarded message with no value added, makes people think that it was done in a careless fashion. Where as, if you add some value to it by telling people why you think it's important to share it, then you might actually do some good.

Email is a wonderful tool properly used. This message did nothing for me but make me rant.