Jeff Jacoby’s right to point out our stupid systems–+Op-ed+columns

It's clear that our politiicans have made a mess out of another relatively simple thing. (1) Statue of Liberty sets the policy. (2) No social benefits for immigrants. It was that way before and it ensured that only the properly motivated came here. Clearly, there's a reasonable exception for emergency care, but that should be minimal. And, possibly billable. [How do other countries deal with traveling Americans?] (3) Then we need to dismantle the underground economy of "day laborers" with respect to taxes. Seems fair to me?

FUP: on Ed’s post

Well in this case it was not handholding that was needed but a solution. The product did install after a slew of retries, I lost count after 10, I was not eligible for a free first support because I was already a customer. I bought a copy a few years ago and it works for me. I foolishly showed my doc friend how neat it was and he had me buy a copy for him, install it, and help him get running. Even after getting it running, it stopped working (i.e., just will not execute the code). It works flawlessly on my notebook but not his. Oh and By The Way, Dragon is Nuanced also. Which is why I aimed him at ViaVoice as opposed to Dragon. Bottom line: Buyer beware.

Ed Foster “IBM’s Brand Takes on a Different Nuance” — that me! ;-)

IBM's Brand Takes on a Different Nuance

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When you buy a product because you trust the brand, it can be a shock to discover a completely different company is actually doing technical support. For example, many IBM ThinkPad customers were unhappy when IBM sold that brand to Lenovo. And now a reader finds that support for another product with Big Blue's name on it – the IBM ViaVoice speech recognition software– is actually done by ScanSoft. Or, as ScanSoft now calls itself, Nuance Communications.

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Hey that's my story. I'm famous! I shared it with Ed because he has a knack for highlighting the problems. Not that in this case anything got done. The doc still can't use his voice. BUT, at least the story is out there for others to profit from.