With old age coming, I begrudge every dollar I have had to put into the “Social Security Insurance” Ponzi scheme

March 31, 2006
Vol. 11, No. 7
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Imagine being forced into a government retirement system that takes your money,
makes no guarantees on how much you'll get, and gives you a poor return for the
money taken from your paycheck. Now imagine putting aside the same amount of
money in your own retirement account, getting interest on your savings, and
retiring with a personal nest egg of over $1 million. Probably more. That's the
power of compound interest. That's the difference between government-run Social
Security — and private retirement accounts.

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SSI is neither "Social", "Security", nor "Insurance". The estimated roi of ssi contributions is guesstimated by better people than me to be a negative one percent. Anytime one deals with the government figurign out the true cost is akin to knowing where an electron is — impossible. I do know that when I put money aside for my old age that there will be no fudging around. It'll be there for me and mine. SSN is another joke.

WRITING: Where is that manual?


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Life Instructions?

Nobody's born with an instruction manual for life. Despite all the helpful advice from parents, teachers and elders, each of us must make our own way in the world, doing the best we can and quite often getting things wrong. Messing up a few times isn't that big a deal. But if you get scared and try to avoid mistakes by sticking with just a few "tried and true" behaviors, you'll miss out on most opportunities. Lots of people who suffer from boredom at work are doing it to themselves. They're bored and frustrated because they choose to be. They're stuck in ruts they've dug for themselves while trying to avoid making mistakes. People who never make mistakes, never make anything else either.

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I can't put my finger on it.

ARGHH! I remember something but I can’t recall it. No prob, I’ll google it up. WRONG!

Something I was reading triggered a memory of an old, and this is how I remember it, as late 60s joke, about the "Mensa Human Operating Instructions". It had come up in the Nineties and I found it after a struggle. Should be easier now. With Yahoo, Google, and a gaggle of others. Nope. 9 grazillion results for Joe Somebody's book with a simialr title. Yup, mechanized search has a long way to go. Now how can I find it?

MediaWiki and Wikopedia and mywiki

Well when PERSPECTIVE wouldn't run, which was probably my fault, I moved on to another wiki. inspired by http://www.lifehacker.com/software/wikipedia/geek-to-live-set-up-your-personal-wikipedia-163707.php I gave mediawiki, the thing that powers wikopedia, a try.

Worked like a charm; well maybe a cracked charm. I had some trouble getting the WAMP5 to install. Then, I had some trouble getting apache to come up. I iterated thru that drill a few times. With reboots to ensure that wxp was clean. AND, just as I was about to give up. POOF! Everything started to work. Shazam.

I haven't rebooted since I got it working but that shouldn't casue anything to fail? Right!

I actually have tested it across my home lan and it seems to work. I've got a DUH, a type3, and a type4 so far, but nothing I can't live with.

I ported all my stuff over from Perspective last night.

One observation is that I don't have a backup … yet. AND, the underlying data store is not xml or html or text. Have to think about that.

You can't see my wiki because it's firewalled. Kinda defeats the purpose of wikiing. But when I feel confident enough, I'll go up on vwbbie and expose it to the net for a short time. Then my luddite friend can test it for me. It's neat technology.

Next I want to put it on my machine at work. That should cause a stir.