How many people have died, because of being illegally disarmed or prevented from arming themselves for defense?

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Suppose that any of the people at the school that day, had been armed as is/was constitutionally intended? There would have been a far better chance that Harris and Klebold would have been stopped, and quickly.

I contend that it is, in fact, you that needs to learn the true ‘lesson’ of Columbine.

How many people have died, because of being illegally disarmed or prevented from arming themselves for defense? 

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I learned from jfpo the fact that governments kill their citizens. It's almost a fact of nature. Some regimes really do it "right" and wipe out whole segments, generations, ethnicities, or just lots of poor unfortunates. Many regimes at least try to pretend that they want to protect you. In actuality, government is merely a mask for the worst of human nature. It's almost, that by the process of collecting of all our permissions to do "stuff", all of our collective humanity is distilled out of the result. I would no more: torture an enemy combatants; impoverish future generations; or allow any infringement of any human right. So why when our collective will is assembled does it lose any vestige of our inhibitions?

It must be because the wielder of the collective power get intoxicated and forgets that they themselves are human. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's like a brain disease.

The solution is to keep power in very small boxes. Tightly bound with our feedback. Delimited by "rights". Restricted to very limited situations. With horrendous retribution for transgressing.

The Intelligent Designer given right to life, recognized in the Constitution by the Second Amendment, says to me, that if I'm alive, I have "right", nay an affirmative duty, to stay alive. No person or group can deprive me of that right.

I can exercise that right to the extent that it does not interfere with the rights of others. For example, if I'm dying of organ failure, I can't kill you for your organ. My right to life ends where your right to life begins.

So, I have a right to defend myself. No law, person, or government can tell me I can't.

Seems so elementally simple.

Columbine would have been stopped by one armed teacher. There is at least one school shooting that was stopped when a teacher went to his car, returned with his weapon, and ended the rampage. 

The value of concealed carry is that you don't have to carry to receive a benefit. If a criminal has 100 potential victims, then he has to pick one. If out of that hundred people ten are packing, then the criminal has a 10% chance of facing an armed victim. "God made men and women; Sam Colt made them equal." Hmmm says the criminal who should I pick? The gay guy. Ever hear of the pink pistols? The thin spindly blond woman. Agggg, that's Paxton Quigley and she's describing what a center of mass is to me. I know the squat little brownish guy with the big mustache, looks like an mexican arab. Ohhh, good day Mr. Massad Ayoob. Yes sir, I'd be happy to put my hands up. See the unarmed sheep are protected when we "salt" the flock with a few armed sheep. The criminal has to guess. Sometimes they will guess wrong …  dead criminal! Don't have to worry about recidivism then.

Libertarians believe in Zero Aggression Principle; not the do what you want with me "I am a Victim" principle.

So politicians think that they can disarm us? I don't think so.

Compliance Penalties, or why we have to restrain our government. They are out of control!

Part 5 Medical Coding: Compliance Penalties

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In August 1999, Dr. Robert Gervais, a cataract surgeon practicing in Arizona, was invited to a public meeting on a HCFA project. Federal agents were hiding behind a one-way mirror at this public meeting to see which doctors were making negative comments about HCFA and the project. Dr. Gervais was critical. A little more than a month later, Dr. Gervais’ clinic was subjected to a “surprise” inspection, where federal authorities found “deficiencies” in his documentation. Dr. Gervais’ plans to remedy the “deficiencies” in the time HCFA required (6 days) were deemed unacceptable, and his clinic was then “de-listed” by Medicare.

In another case, in February of 1999, 37 armed, flak-jacketed agents carried out a Medicare raid on East Tennessee Woods Memorial Hospital, a 72-bed hospital in Eastern Tennessee. The invading army of armed federal agents stomped into the hospital, trampling through sterile areas, forced employees into a small room and held them.

In another case, at Dr. Danny Westmoreland’s office in West Virginia, three armed federal agents invaded and held everyone at gunpoint, including the physician, his wife, patients, and children.

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Now I see Medicare, distantly, thru the eyes of three retirees, whose affairs I somewhat manage. It's a disaster. Paperwork is a blizzard. I have to believe care is substandard. I've identified a few docs that are what I call "medicare farmers". When I have time, I'll detail my favorite example, but let's just say that: it's a system that is ripe for and full of abuse.

In the old days, you went to the hospital or doc if you could afford it. You paid him (I only knew "him"s in those days!) and that was it. You went to the hospital and on the way out the door you settled up. Like a hotel.

Now, with the federal government intimately involved in everything, insurance companies, and all manner of computer systems, you could tell what you are paying for.

We need to stop the insanity. Separation of Healthcare and State. Now!

Don’t get old!

While I urge evryone to get the paperwork in order when they are young, (i.e., will, poa, hcp, and advanced directive), I predict that we all will get old. I have three old folk that I am responsible for. Tonight I am elder-sitting my Mom who just came home from the hospital. She lives in NYC and I’m in Jersey. This would have been so much much easier if I could have convinced her to move to NJ with the rest of the relatives decades ago. But her stuborness, and my inability to convince, and my failure to “make her”, puts me where I am today. She’s getting older and could have had an easier life by being closer.

So, under the theory that you dont have to pay tuition for every lesson (i.e., don’t make the same mistakes I do; learn from the mistakes of others; be a “fortune teller” predict the future), learn from my mistakes. If you are an only child, have your parents physically close to you. Whine, cajole, cry, snivel, snit, and even be down right nasty about it. Cause it’s a pay now or pay later situation. I’m paying now. And I regret not have prepaid for this trouble.