Vin Suprynowicz seems to hit the nail on the head more often than not imho.

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Libertarians generally support free movement of peoples, merely demanding that we get rid of mandated "welfare" benefits that attract deadbeats by taxing more productive citizens to fund "free" schooling and emergency-room health care for leeches and freeloaders. I greatly prefer that solution.

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I agree. Eliminate ALL the "free stuff" that I am forced to pay for, comply with, and kow tow to. Then we'd be free again.

My Wiki Opedia problem: Can’t refer to a local file

I didcovered that you can NOT have a space in an external url. Google desktop does not include files without a file extension. Goodgle desktop only includes certain extensions. Yahoo desktop doesn't always work as expected (i.e., the dash in a search must have a meta meaning). espite changing the mediawiki advices string and restarting everything, I still can't reference a local file. So I'll have to change my strategy. Give each alum an number and key it thsat way. Hmmm, have to think about that. … …