They say he also consented to a search

***Begin Quote***

Investigators went to the school and obtained his consent to search his person. They say they found a set of brass knuckles and a knife.

They say he also consented to a search of his vehicle, where deputies found two more knives and a pipe with marijuana residue in it.

***End Quote***

Nope sorry. No one can consent to a search. Put me on this fellow's jury and he walks everytime. He was detained pending arrest. They obviously had no probably cause because why did they ask for his consent. he was in no position to freely consent.

Furhter he has an Intelligent Deisgned given right to carry any weapon he chooses for self-defense. The "no weapons near a school" guearantees that the bad guys have no opposition when they seek to do bad things. Drugs, what a joke. Anyone is free, again with right that is inherent to all of our species, to put anything they want into their bodies. While I think drug abuse is "bad", I don't impose my opinions on others' by force of arms.

This story saddens me how we have lost our liberties.

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