Conversed with an interesting fellow alum yesterday.

Vincent M. Cramer

We had a great conversation. He said I just listened. Anyone who knows me know that can’t posibly be true. We had a few laughs about the old days in the Engineering Cafeteria. I told him about my Ds in theology and he shared how he got out of trudging up the hill to the main campue to be be abused as barabarians. Even in those days, he was pretty smart. Not many injineers figured out his escape route. Or, maybe we were just dense. Us injineers don’t think like gazelles.

Anyway, he was kind enough to share some of his thinking in his book. And I pushed some of my tired old ideas (i.e., Jasper Jottings; using alumni connections as a way to establish instant rapport; pay it forward rather than back; the value of loose connections).

During our conversation, I kept some notes. It would have been rude not to. Like a good little Gladwell connector, I linked him with two contacts that might be helpful to him. I kept track of my promises and his. He promised to stop for coffee as he whizzed by my Mount Laurel location. Maybe I’ll still be there; reorg you know.

Hopefully, it was as valauable for him as it was for me.

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