Playing with Yahoo’s Phone In / Phone Out serivce

I'm a sucker. Yahoo sent me a dollar to use on their new Phone In / Phone Out service. It's appealing. I can make or receive phone calls from my laptop. Out is not much difference there from Skype or Gizmo. In to it's own phone number is unique. But, when I am untethered with my Verizon Wireless Broad Band Card, I'm a rolling phone booth. Comcast's Digital Voice, part of their triple play, would also be nice when it gets to my area.

But three features of Yahoo's offering peaked my interest.

(1) Cheap; penny a minute.

(2) Turn my untethered laptop into a mobile phone [Yeah, I have a wireless phone. Buy a laptop phone would be nerdy kool.]

(3) Give my laptop it's own phone number. How kool would that be? And useful.

I figure that using Yahoo Instant Messenger, people might be more likely to give you a quick call.

SO FAR, it's been a modest disaster.

YIM75 will not install on my luggable laptop. Queries to Yahoo Support get a canned message — we'll be back to you within a day — followed by telling me where to dl the software or asking me questions about what happens when YIM runs.

Hey guys and gals, read the messages. IT DOESN'T INSTALL. Arghhh.

If I ever get a customer support group, then I am going have reading and listening lessons.

Maybe Ed Gripeline Foster would be interested in this?

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