“When parents’ values conflict with public schools” change the paradigm!


When parents' values conflict with public schools By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist  |  April 27, 2006 

***Begin Quote***

When it comes to the education of children, there is always an agenda — and those who don't share that agenda too often find themselves belittled, marginalized, or ignored. Perhaps it was true, as Thomas Reilly says, that the public schools his children attended "reinforced the values of our home." But as the Parkers and Wirthlins in Lexington can testify, other families have a very different experience. When Kerry Healey says she wants her children "to be in an environment where they can talk about values ….. in a way that you can't always do in a public school setting," many public-school parents will know exactly what she means.

***End Quote***

Sorry to say it but the "gmmamint publik skoolz" are a socialist idea that were designed from the beginning to create cannon fodder and factory robots. It's an "experiment" that needs to stop.

In no particular order. It's racist! It's sexist! It's egalitarian! It's unfair! It's ineffective! It's inefficient! It's unsafe! It's dehumanizing! It's socialist! It's "one size fits all". It's not subject to marketplace discipline! It's a financial rat hole! It's social engineering! It's a class warfare! It's divisive! It's anti-family! It's anti-religious! It's union dominated! It's corrupt! It's inescapable! It's anti senior citizen!

Other than that it's a great system.

Oh I'm exaggerating am I?

It's racist! Can you tell em the black and white literacy rates? It's ok use their numbers. We know they are fudged but go ahead.

It's sexist! Boys get treated badly. Girls are pushed around. Both lose.

It's egalitarian! As cited in the article 5/6 of rich white people don't send their children to publik skool. Why?

It's unfair! The childless pay to educate other people's children. Why is that? I don't pay to clothe them.

It's ineffective! Even using their fudged stats, the results are an absolute joke.

It's inefficient! Does it take twelve years to not tech these people to read? They are out of school more than they are in. It's unsafe! Look at teen violence in skoolz. Skool buz accidents. Guns and drugs?

It's dehumanizing! More like a prison, ring bells to change classes like a Pavlovian dog. Justice in proceedings. Rights?

It's socialist! The designers like Horrace Mann wanted a classless society.

It teaches socialism! It's "one size fits all". Too smart;too dumb. Look at the boundary students. Handicap? Everyone is ADD and dosed with drugs if they won't sit still for the nonsense paraded as education.

It's not subject to marketplace discipline! No child left behind? When a business doesn't serve, the marketplace "rewards" it with a going out business sale. When a school fails, they give it more money.

It's a financial rat hole! Look at private preschools, there's financial and quality competition. Look at the parochial schools; even with one foot in a bucket, they cost a third of a state skool.

It's social engineering! The stat skool fosters worship of the state religion — state worship. Children are taught and trained to expect the gummamint to solve their problems.

It's a class warfare! There's a reason that the suburbs have better skoolz. And, it ain't cause we are all equal. The curse of low expectations is placed on all who enter the 'system'.

It's divisive! Parents fight among themselves to get the best, or any, education for their children. It's played by the state as a zero sum game.

It's anti-family! It contradicts the beliefs of the parents and the community.

It's anti-religious! It teaches state worship and Earth Day paganism. It sneers at the cultural and religious values. It subsumes the religious holidays and relabels them.

It's union dominated! Guess that goes without saying. Tenure in skoolz?

It's corrupt! There is a education industry that has grown up around the politicians – 'educators' – contractors. They've got a nice scam going and it keeps everyone rich and happy.

It's inescapable! A Catholic friend of mine can't afford to pay the taxes and pay to send his kids to the Catholic school. Then as the final kick in the <pick your favorite sensitive region> they teach his kids things contrary to his beliefs.

It's anti senior citizen! Why are seniors taxed to pay for skoolz from their fixed incomes?

Did I miss anything? Any redeeming value? Nope!

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