TECHNOLOGY: “SYNCURA” securely share files with your team (free of course)

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Synchronize folders with your team!

Syncura has rearraged the peer-to-peer file sharing concept into a secure, invitation-only product that will keep your team's crucially important files in sync.

How does it work?

Syncura automatically encrypts and synchronizes files with the rest of your team. Copy or save a file to a shared folder and it is automatically sent to all your teammates. Only the portion of the file that changed is transferred to your teammates. So if you only add one page to a 100 page document, only the changes you made are transferred. This strategy reduces network bandwidth by over 80%.

Who can use it?

Anyone with Internet access can be invited to share files with your team. Collaborate on documents with clients from other organizations or with colleagues on different networks. If a direct connection between your computer and a teammate's computer is not available, Syncura will perform a ProxySync to synchronize files. A ProxySync will relay your encrypted file changes through our servers.

Instant document sharing

Syncura instantly synchronizes files updated by your teammates to your local hard drive. No more wasting time finding the latest version of a shared document before heading to an offsite meeting. Syncura will also download any changes your teammates made while you were offline. Additonally, Syncura detects any files you changed while offline and immediately synchronizes them with the rest of your team.

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Well it's free. It does exchange files. How secure it is I can't say I know. It solves a problem I have about sharing data between machines.

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